We're the florist for the flower lovers out there.  

For the couple that wants to know WHO grew their flowers and maybe a little bit more about the what, when, and how behind them. For those that want to think outside the lines and bring the wild from our farm to your table.

Getting married in 2018?

We'd love to work with you to bring your vision to life.

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A Little More About B-Side Farm Weddings

We specialize in elegant wedding design featuring local and organic flowers with a personal touch, with full-service collaborative options beginning at $3,500.

It's important that your wedding be a reflection of your personal style. We'll work together to brainstorm, articulate, and refine your vision through unique selections of local, organic flowers. Whether you're local to Sonoma County or San Francisco or coming from afar, we love working closely with you throughout the planning process. 

Our love of flowers puts us in the design studio half of the time, and out in the flower fields the rest. For this reason we only design for a select number of weddings each season, allowing us to focus on quality above all,  and to select flowers at the height of their seasonality. 

We've had the pleasure of working with amazing couples to bring their wedding visions to life. Click here to read recent testimonials. 


Yes, We Both Grow and Arrange Your Flowers. Here's How it Happens:

Step One: You share your vision with us.

Step Two: We let you know what will be blooming on your wedding date, and help you bring your vision to life through collaborative planning. 

Step Three: We get to work growing your flowers throughout the winter and spring.

Step Four: You follow along through pictures as your flowers grow.

Step Five: We pick your flowers, make some magic happen, and - poof! - deck out your wedding with the floral arrangements of your dreams. 


We're always green. 

We care deeply about our soil and never use harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

We stay away from chemical-ridden 'floral foam', a staple in the industry. 

By growing our own flowers (and buying them from other local farmers at times), we reduce emissions caused by the insane practice of importing flowers. 

Back on the farm, we compost all the flowers you don't want to take home after the wedding, leading to 0% waste. 


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