Saturday June 15th: Flower Farmer Bootcamp Part 1: Starting The Season

Saturday June 15th: Flower Farmer Bootcamp Part 1: Starting The Season


Saturday June 15th: Flower Farmer Bootcamp Part 1: Early Season

Date: Saturday, June 15th

Time: 9am - noon

The first in our series of two Flower Farmer Bootcamp classes, in this June edition we’ll give you the skills necessary to dive in and start off a season of flower growing. Whether you’re an avid gardener looking to dive a bit deeper into the world of cut flowers, a new farmer wanting to add flowers to the mix, or a dirt-starved city gal just wanting to get outside and learn some new skills, you’ll feel right at home in this class.

You can sign up for both installments of this series or take them individually for the complete skill set.

Part 1 will cover:

Resources for selecting what flower varieties to grow

How to start tricky flower seeds in greenhouse trays

Farm planning and assessing your site for cut flower production

Soil preparation, amendments, compost, and soil tests

Transplanting and direct seeding

A quick intro the the early summer crops blooming at the farm

This will be a hands-on gardening class. Those who want to dive in and get dirty trying out some new farm skills are given that opportunity, but if you have physical limitations, you’re completely able to just watch the demos from the sidelines.

Class includes instruction, handouts, your seeded six-pack to take home, and light refreshments.

As always, here are our guidelines:

* Open to all levels, and we always foster a fun and supportive atmosphere. 

* Light refreshments included.

* All students will take home their one-of-a-kind arrangement, all materials and  supplies included. 

* Class purchases are non-refundable. However if you find you can't make it, please by all means give your spot to a friend!

* Pre-registration required.

* Please dress for the sun and elements, wear sturdy shoes, and bring a full water bottle. We take hydration very seriously :)

* Class must have at least 4 people in order to run. In the rare case that this doesn't happen, we'll let you know with plenty of lead time, and offer either a refund or placement in a similar class when you're available. 

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